How to order?

How many samples can I order?

Members of the public can order up to 2 sample packs of different HARTMANN products. Registered Healthcare Professionals can request additional samples.


How can I place an order for a sample if I don’t have an email address?

To request samples, via this website, you do require an email address. However, members of the public who do not have an email address can still order samples. Please call us on 1800 805 839.


How many samples will I get in each order?

The number of samples in each order varies by product type but the average is 2 per pack.


Who do I call if I want to place my sample request over the phone?

Sample requests can be made very easily via this website, however if you do require assistance, you can call the HARTMANN Sampling team on 1800 805 839 for assistance 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday AEST.


How much will it cost me?

Sample packs, including postage, are absolutely free.


Are HARTMANN products available on my government scheme / funded program?

A number of HARTMANN products are approved for supply with various government assistance schemes. To find out which products are available on your government scheme or program, please visit our Financial Assistance page or call HARTMANN on 1800 805 839.


What can I do if the wrong product has been ordered?

Sampling allows you to trial a number of different products in order to find the one that works best for you. If you have ordered a sample that is not suitable, you can simply log on to the sampling site and request a different product to trial. It’s that easy!


How can I order the products once I am happy with the sample?

You can buy HARTMANN products, including the MoliCare range, from one of our distribution partners. Once you find the right product on, click on 'Buy Now' to be sent to our distribution partner's website. They also can be purchased from your local pharmacy, mobility shop or distributor.


I would like to find out more about HARTMANN.

As a trusted global leader in healthcare solutions, HARTMANN recognises the importance of good health to the individual and society at large. For this simple reason, we are passionate about going further for health.

For almost half a century in Australia and nearly 200 years overseas, HARTMANN has placed innovation at the core of its operations to pioneer high quality healthcare products that deliver demonstrable benefit to patients and healthcare providers alike.

From continence management and wound care to operating theatre procedures, HARTMANN accepts nothing less than excellence in the design of products and services that help address important unmet medical needs.

HARTMANN provides the tools that allow medical professionals and other care providers to manage health simply and effectively, with a particular focus on:

  • State-of-the-art continence aids that combine absorption technology with design excellence to provide rapid, long-lasting dryness, protection and comfort.
  • Modern wound care dressings and bandages that deliver superior clinical outcomes for patients with compromised skin integrity.
  • Advanced operating theatre equipment including Custom Procedure Packs, ergonomic drapes and gowns to maximise safety and efficiency during important surgical procedures.

Across Australia and New Zealand, HARTMANN seeks to partner with the healthcare profession to understand its needs and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver value beyond our products through the provision of high quality customer service, education and research partnerships.

At HARTMANN, we have a simple mission – to go further for health and in so doing make a meaningful difference to the lives of millions of people.


Who can I speak to about incontinence and product recommendations?

Please contact for free advice on where to seek assistance.


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