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The HARTMANN family has pioneered healthcare and hygiene products for generations, designing ground-breaking solutions, including continence management. Originally founded in Germany, and now operating worldwide, HARTMANN celebrated 200 years in 2018.

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Products from following divisions are available in Australia:


Continence Management

HARTMANN has been producing incontinence products, including the MoliCare range, for 50 years. We know what works and what customers need. Using extensive research, we find holistic solutions that meet individuals' practical needs, no matter how serious their condition. As well as giving them emotional confidence and a secure feeling through our products we promise discretion in our packaging and delivery plus support and advice in our literature. When it comes to product development we are constantly mindful of the role that economics plays in professional healthcare.

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Wound Management

HARTMANN is one of the leading providers of wound treatment solutions for patients and healthcare professionals around the world. Wound dressings have been at the heart of HARTMANN since the beginning. Quality and reliability are parts of our DNA and our German heritage. Our international research ensures that we keep track of and can respond to future professional needs around the globe.

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