MoliCare Rectangular 3.5 drops


Suitable for light incontinence or faecal smearing. Formally known as MoliNea Couche Pad
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MoliNea Couche Pad

SizeWaist/Hip measurementLevel of urine leakageAbsorbency ISO
Size 2 (Medium)  11 - 35 cm
490 ml
Size 3 (Large) 11 - 35 cm
610 ml

Getting the right fit is so easy

  1. Measure at the largest width between the waist and hips
  2. Select the product size based on the size guide provided on the product page or product packaging
Product Description
A simple insert pad containing superabsorbent polymers with an adhesive strip for light urinary incontinence or faecal staining and smearing. MoliCare Rectangular can be used with MoliCare Fixation Pants or tight-fitting underwear.
Product Features
  • Can be used for light incontinence in conjunction with normal underwear or MoliCare Premium Fixpants 
  • Suitable for faecal smearing or staining in use with MoliCare absorbent products 
  • Adhesive strip holds the pad in place and ensures a secure fit
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