MoliCare Slip Maxi


All-in-one style - with easy side tabs. Ideal for bedbound or chairbound people.
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Product Configuration

MoliCare Slip Maxi - Size Guide

SizeWaist/Hip measurement
Small 60 - 90 cm
Medium 90 - 120 cm
Large 120 - 150 cm

MoliCare Slip Maxi - Absorbency Guide

Level of urine leakageAbsorbency ISO
9 Drops
2153 - 3815 ml

Getting the right fit is so easy

  1. Measure at the largest width between the waist and hips
  2. Select the product size based on the size guide provided on the product page or product packaging
Product Description
A slip pad for severe incontinence that can be applied while standing or lying down. MoliCare Slip offers maximum leakage protection. The convenient side tabs are reclosable to ensure perfect fit while odour neutralisers and the polyethelene backsheet provides high level confidence and flexibility.
Product Features
  • A slip pad for severe incontinence
  • Can be applied standing up or lying down
  • 3 layer absorbent core keeps skin dry
  • Maintains the skin pH and reduces the risk of incontinence related skin irritation
  • Convenient side tabs are reclosable to ensure perfect fit
  • Inner leakage cuffs for maximum leakage protection
  • Odour neutralisers for high level confidence
  • Polyethelene backsheet for security and flexibility
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