MoliCare Skin Barrier Cream

Barrier cream to protect irritated skin in the genital area from harmful substances
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MoliCare Premium Elastic - Size Guide

SizeWaist/Hip measurement
Small 70 - 90 cm
Medium 85 - 120 cm
Large 115 - 150 cm
Extra Large 140 - 175 cm

MoliCare Premium Elastic - Absorbency Guide

Level of urine leakageAbsorbency ISO
6 Drops
1667 - 2786 ml
7 Drops
1998 - 3180 ml
8 Drops
2356 - 3591 ml
9 Drops
2546 - 3941 ml
10 Drops
2800 - 4500 ml

Getting the right fit is so easy

  1. Measure at the largest width between the waist and hips
  2. Select the product size based on the size guide provided on the product page or product packaging
Product Description
MoliCare Skin Barrier Cream is an effective barrier to protect irritated skin from the effects of incontinence by forming a transparent protective film on the skin. Zinc oxide free ensures pad absorbency is not impacted. The innovative formula is enriched with the Nutriskin Protection Complex to stengthen the skin's natural protection and regeneration function.
Product Features
  • Protects irritated skin in the genital area from harmful substances
  • pH 5.5 to maintain the skin’s acid mantle and natural protection layer
  • Contains the Nutriskin Protection Complex to strengthen the skin’s barrier and regeneration function
  • Zinc oxide-free
  • Forms a transparent protective layer
  • Water-in-oil-in-water emulsion which supplies essential oils immediately to the skin
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