Healthcare Professionals


Please note, this information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


As a Healthcare Professional, you play a vitally important role in helping people diagnosed with incontinence to maintain their dignity and live an active life.


To help you in your role, HARTMANN has developed helpful resources on the MoliCare product range including forms, application guides and clinical supports specific to Healthcare Professionals. These are available to download for free.


As you will know, continence products should fit well, provide substantial absorption and fit a person's lifestyle. People with incontinence may need to try a few product sizes or styles before they find the ideal product for their needs and while you will be able to narrow down the options, having an individual try wearing a product is the best way to see if it suitable for them.


The MoliCare sampling program provides free MoliCare samples to aid in the support and care you provide to people managing their incontinence.


As a licenced, registered or accredited member of the Healthcare Industry, you can order and receive up to 25 free samples, also shipped free of charge.  To order & receive your samples you must first register here and select the option “I’m a Healthcare Professional”. Once registered, you can either receive up to 25 to your clinic so you can issue them individually directly after your consultation, or alternatively order max. 2 different samples that are directly sent to your client as a service provided by MoliCare.


In addition to this website, your HARTMANN Territory Business Manager will be able to assist.


For bulk orders, please contact your HARTMANN representative or Contact Us now.

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