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Leakage protection for you and your family

Does your pad leak?

When it comes to bladder weakness, leakage protection is a high priority.  Click through for some handy tips to help prevent leakage, feel secure and get on with life.  

What causes incontinence

Can you receive funding for your incontinence?

If you’re faced with the financial burden of incontinence, there are some ways you can receive funding, both public and private.

Continence pads for women

Are there different types of incontinence?

Not all incontinence is the same. Incontinence can take many forms and, depending on many factors, it can have different triggers or causes. Here are some of the more frequently occurring forms of urinary incontinence, as well as what causes them.

Continence pads for women

How can I manage incontinence at home?

Incontinence is a common issue for people of all ages. Whether you happen to be a carer or a person living with incontinence, you can take several steps to manage the problem and help ensure that incontinence does not affect living a normal, happy life.

What causes incontinence

How can I treat incontinence?

If you are suffering from incontinence and need to use a pad, it is always advisable to change it often in order to keep your skin healthy. Most people suffering from urinary incontinence will need to change their continence pads regularly, about four to six times a day. Here’s a look at when you should change your pad and why.

Do I have incontinence

Why is my skin changing with incontinence?

When you’re struggling with incontinence, good skin care means more than simply cleaning with soap and water. Bladder and bowel leakage can take a major toll on your skin, especially the skin that comes into contact with urine.

What causes incontinence

Are there any apps that can help me deal with incontinence?

Living in the digital age means there is an app for almost everything these days – including ones that help you manage your urinary incontinence. Here’s our list of five of the best apps out there, from ones that will help you with your bladder control exercises through to ones that will help you find the nearest toilet in an emergency.

Do I have incontinence

Dealing with incontinence

Don’t let incontinence make you feel isolated. With more than 4.8 million Australians dealing with incontinence, there is plenty of help at hand. Here’s how you can seek support.


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