A carer’s guide to skin integrity with an incontinent patient

A carer’s guide to skin integrity with an incontinent patient

42.5% of people with incontinence suffer some form of skin complication. 

Regular use of continence pads can cause heat and sweat to build.

Skin is weakened, making it susceptible to:

  • Bacterial infection.
  • Skin irritations.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD).

Retain and maintain skin integrity

The skin needs to be cleaned and cared for after each incontinence episode.

However, cleaning can contribute to irritation by altering the skin’s pH and removing the skin’s protective layer.

Skin integrity can be maintained by using creams and continence products with active skin protection.

Method of skin cleaning/care

Traditional water treatment

  • Removes skin’s natural protective layer.
  • More skin irritation.
  • Greater infection risk.



Skin protection creams (such as MoliCare® skin)

  • Helps retain skin’s natural protective layer.
  • Reduces skin irritation.
  • Lowers infection risk.

Use of continence products

Continence products with active skin protection (such as the MoliCare Premium Elastic range) also help to maintain skin integrity, and feature:

3-layer absorbent core = faster absorption.
Skin-friendly pH level of 5.5 = less skin irritations.
Elastic side panels = Comfort and security.

Steps to maintain a person’s skin integrity

Important: take care not to rub skin when cleaning.


Disinfect hands and use disposable gloves to avoid contamination.

Step 1   For heavily soiled areas, apply MoliCare Skin Cleansing Foam to the skin.This will help quickly remove faeces without rubbing.

Step 2   Clean the kin by debulking with a cloth (toilet paper) wipe. Do not rub.

Step 3   Gently clean the skin with a MoliCare Skin Moist Skin Care Tissue. Do not rub.

Step 4   If whole body washing in bed is required, carefully remove soil using the MoliCare Skin Wash Glove.

Step 5   Dispose of wash glove, wipe or tissue, disinfect hands and replace disposable gloves.

Step 6   Apply MoliCare Skin Barrier Cream.

Step 7   Put on a new continence pad.

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